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Dec 30, 2018

A Local Law Firm That Stands Out from the Crowd

How Bautista LeRoy Started & Grew an Award-Winning Personal Injury Law Firm in Kansas City

Bautista LeRoy, established in 2011, is a boutique law firm in Kansas City that handles personal injury cases such as vehicle and car accident injuries, as well as specific types of cases involving train accident injuries or deaths, and nursing home negligence cases.

The firm also works with cases that involve the injury or death of someone who was incarcerated at the time of the incident or who was interacting with a law enforcement officer at the time of the incident.

José M. Bautista and Andrew LeRoy began their journey as entrepreneurs in 2011 when they made the decision to step away from working with larger firms and start their own, smaller Kansas City personal injury firm.

“It started with one little room with a couple of Apple computers and iPhones,” says Bautista.

“We were able to grow the firm to what it is today, which is four lawyers, supporting staff members and a growing practice where we are litigating cases in various states, often highly complex civil litigation.

Bautista Leroy was able to buy their own office building here in Midtown KC, which has been nice milestone for our firm and a great way to invest back into Kansas City.”

Jose and Andrew also co wrote an Amazon best selling book called How to Hire Lawyers.